Every year we will conduct a full parent/carer survey which invites all parents carers to tell us about how we’re doing.  This is in addition to our our usual ‘Question of the Week’ where we ask your views about specific issues.

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Parent Survey January 24

Parent Survey January 23 


What do parents/carers say about our school?

Parent Survey Results January 2022

“I have only experienced my children’s school life since Covid has been around and I have to say I think the school has dealt with the situation and my children’s learning either at school or at home with brilliance! Thank you!”

“My child is being assessed for SEND and the school have been outstanding at providing support. I cannot thank them enough.”

Parent Survey Results November 2020

“The school has handled the return after lockdown beautifully and the children have adapted really well as ever their child centred approach shines through”. 

“We have been amazed by the level of commitment, care and professionalism showed by the staff team at such a difficult time. They continue to have extremely high standards for learning and behaviours, while providing a safe and nurturing environment”.

” The school always goes beyond to provide exciting and stimulating lessons. Teachers are proactive and responsive, and we have nothing but praise and gratitude for all they do”.

“I feel Ashleigh has provided my children with the best start in their education, offers them excellent opportunities and experiences and has done their best in providing my girls with a continued education during the pandemic”.

“This school has done a truly remarkable job during an incredibly challenging year and still continues to move forward. Being able to do this after the head left in that time also shows the amazing team they are. We are lucky to have a school like this for our children”.

“I have had nothing but positive experiences”. 

“I have been so impressed with Ashleigh especially at this very difficult time”.   

“The school has always dealt with any concerns we have had promptly and robustly”. 

“Amazing people full of patience, care, commitment and extremely qualified”. 

“The communication and support from the school has been incredible and we couldn’t be happier with the progress and enthusiasm staff have in understanding and meeting our children’s needs”. 

“I imagine it’s a challenging time for schools with Covid, but you would never know this”.

Parent Survey Results November 2020

Parent feedback, Summer Term July 2020

‘I think Ashleigh have done an awesome job throughout and the teachers have made such an effort with the children, it’s been lovely’.

‘The school has been amazing’.

‘The children might be stars but the staff are all the best and most wonderful creators of those stars’.

‘I cannot praise the school enough and need to let you know how valued you are! Absolutely and utterly amazed and extremely thankful’.

‘In our reflective time, we have learnt that school isn’t a building, it’s the people that make the school!’

‘Ashleigh isn’t just a school, but a community and family too and we are all so proud to be linked to it’.

Parent Survey January 2019

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