Mr. J. McConnell
Deputy Headteachers
Mrs. L. Greenacre and Miss. D. Lacey
Assistant Headteachers
Mr. K. Finch and Mrs. J. Miller

We have a strong and committed staff team with a wide range of expertise. Each class
has a minimum of a full time teacher with support staff to ensure all children can be
supported effectively.

Teaching Staff

Mr. D. Brain
Mrs. H. Dowling
Mrs. L. Ellero
Miss. I. Evans
Miss. I. Eyre
Mr. K. Finch
Mrs. L. Landis
Mrs. J. Lynch
Dr. M. Maillard
Mrs. R. Mann
Mrs. H. Meek
Mrs. J. Miller
Mrs. H. Morecz-Read
Mrs. G. Roberts
Mrs. J. Saadvandi
Mr. C. Saunders
Mrs. S. Sprake
Miss. V. Stephens
Mr. J. Walker
Miss. A. Webb
Mr. L. Wheeler

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. S. Anderson
Mrs. D. Barrett
Mrs. R Bruce (Maternity Leave)
Mrs. C. Bullen
Miss. K. Carter
Mrs. T. Chalcraft
Mrs. S. Clark
Mrs. P. Cowdry
Miss V. Eggett
Mrs. B. English
Mrs. T. Feeney
Mrs. B. Gibbings
Mrs. H. Hodds
Mrs. A. Harvey
Mrs. S. Lambert
Mrs. L. Laws
Mrs. C. McPherson
Mrs. B. Moore
Miss. L. O’Donovan
Mrs. G. Roberts
Mrs. E. Robinson
Miss. J. Scott
Mr. P. Scott
Mrs. C. Sharp
Mrs. S. Smith
Mrs. J. Starling
Mrs. C. Stratton


Mrs. P Cowdry
Mrs. S. Gardiner
Mrs. C. Greengrass
Mrs. C. McPherson
Miss. L. O’Donovan
Miss. J. Pitt
Mrs. C. Stratton

Midday Supervisory Assistants (MSAs)

Miss. S. Blackney
Mrs. M. Caddy
Mrs. T. Chalcraft
Mrs. C. Dumbrell
Mrs. V. Eggett
Ms. K. Ethridge
Mr. W. Feeney
Mrs. S. Gardiner
Mr. P. Goldstone
Mrs. R. Lawson
Ms. L. Olchanksy
Ms. M. Pleureuse
Mrs. S. Rayner
Mrs. K. Roles

Support Staff

Office Manager – Mrs. A. Clarke
School Finance Officer – Mrs. A. Baker
Clerical Assistant – Mrs. M. Howard
Clerical Assistant – Ms. C. Mitchell

Site Manager

Mr. S. Howard


Mr. M. Feeney

IT Support

Mr. C. Leonard