We have high aspirations for the children who attend our school and strongly believe in the importance of communication, reading, writing and mathematics as the core skills which will give children the confidence to become ‘authors of their own life stories’.

We provide opportunities for children to discover new talents, new interests and the power of their own unknowable potential.

Through our Ashleigh ‘Guiding Stars’ ethos, we nurture their respect for themselves and their respect for others: We work hard to ensure that inclusion is a reality for all of our children and that everyone feels valued and a part of our learning community.

At Ashleigh we are All Different All Equal All Learning

Our Values

To ensure a safe, happy and positive place for children, staff and parents.

To provide challenge and support to allow everyone to discover the power of their unknowable potential

To put the children at the centre of every decision we make.

To create learning that allows children to make mistakes, explore, discuss and understand in an environment that excites the imagination.

To encourage respect, kindness, tolerance and understanding.

To celebrate our cultures and the cultures of others.

To develop a love of learning that creates lifelong learners

We believe we are 'All Different, All Equal and All Learning'.