School meals

Currently all children are eligible for universal free school meals from their entry into Reception until they finish Year 2.  The meal choices will include a meat or vegetarian dish, jacket potato or pasta. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 children will need to book and pay for their school meals via Teachers2Parents, current cost is £2.50 per day.

We expect children to bring in a bottle of water every day. There is a water only policy, and bottles containing other drinks will be sent home with your child at the end of the day.

Packed lunches

Children may bring packed lunches when in full-time education. As a ‘Healthy School’ we encourage healthy lunch boxes.  Please ensure that drinks are put in a sturdy plastic container. We do not allow fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate. We have a nut-free policy, including peanut butter and Nutella, as some children have a nut allergy.


A free fruit or vegetable snack is provided every day (up to and including Year 2); children can also bring in their own healthy fruit or vegetable snacks from home.